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Radiotherapy Lengthen the Life Hope

Cancer Patient from year to year progressively mount. Various effort also conducted to heal this disease, one of them is with the radiotherapy. Especial action which conducted to Continue Level of patient.

Data from International Agency for Research on Cancer ( IARC) estimate that at 2030, cancer number will mount from 11 million becoming 27 million patient. 17 million people among them will end in death. While in this time, about seven million people suffer because of cancer.

This number its true enough to concerned about. Growth population of patient in some country caused by the lack of comprehensive handling. Start from prevention till patient handling. Can be guessed, amount of cancer patient that dying because the effect of action delay are still big enough.

" Although we are all agreing about the cancer prevention become the effective solution, comprehensive handling like diagnosed and treatment become the important requirement, especially radiotherapy," said head of IAEA ( International Atomic Energy Agency) Programme Of Action for of Cancer Therapy (PACT), Massaoud Samiei.

A research confirm that radiotherapy use at patient of breast cancer will make the patient living on can be longer. Patient who getting radition treatment will experience the risk degradation until 50% after observation in ten years become.

" Result of this research suggest clinic and patient to chose the adjuvant radiotherapy to overcome the disease," said Samiei.

Radiotherapy use radiation to kill the cancer cell or hurt the cells so its cannot split or self multiply. Radiotherapy applicable to primary cancer or symptom which is resulted from a extended or metafisis cancer.

If curative is not possible, radiotherapy can be given to control the patient of continue level cancer during some times. The Main target is to make the cancer progressively minimize and discontinue from spreading.

If cannot control the growth of cancer cell, radiation target is to lessen the symptom of cancer cell like painfulness. " Than Expected the quality of patient life can mount after experiencing radiotherapy process. The target of radiation named paliatif," he said.

Others, radiotherapy is conducted after especial treatment to discontinue the growth of cancer cell which possible remained.

He enhance , radiation is avalaible in two source, that is nature and generator. Source from nature ordinary weared by Cobalt 60. As for generator awakened by strong electron. Radiotherapy only effected in area network of radiation treatment.

Radiation do not make painfulness, do not generate smell, or feel the radiation. After experiencing the overall of radiotherapy process, patient will take counsel with the doctor and possibly will be asked to do some test or inspection.

Succeeding Mount from radiotherapy use depended from goals which wish to reached. Radiation target will minimize or eliminate the tumor itself.