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US War (Iraq-Afghanistan) Veteran Incured Mental Disorder

For a soldier, mental burden felt by a encounter moment daze do not lose along end it fight. Worse more than the war, burden mental faced to be non-stoped to haunt for a lifetime.

More, a soldier can incured more than one type of mental disorder because too heavy burden.
One of four American Soldier which come home from war in Iraq and Afghanistan is adjudged incured mental disorder. At least, that number is found among of all war veteran which during the time experience the medical treatment from government. "If pchycosocial deviation , like domestic violence, input one of the type of mental disorder , natural war veteran amount it go up to become 31 percents," write the health expert of San Fransisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center in report result of survey publicized yesterday.

According to Karen Seal, chief of research team of San Fransisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center, total amount of war veteran which incured by mental disorder is much more big than which still be active in job. " When we had a survey last year, all of responder is still active undertake in battlefield, either in Iraq and also Afghanistan. In that time, what is incured by mental disorder not yet as much now," said Seal ike cited by press agency of Prancis- AFP.

Result of research in "Journal of the American Medical Association'S Archives of Internal Medicine" entangle the veteran which just now return from battlefield and member of National Garda . According to she, burden of all new war veteran lighter relative than those who have been long enough returned from battlefield. " Among one of third new war veteran return to country land and experience the adjacent mental program , only 12 percent expressed incured of mental disorder or pchycosocial deviation ," said Seal.

Concerning, continue the Seal, about 56 percent veteran that expressed experience of the mental disorder incured more than one type of pchycosocial deviation."When we discover a veteran incuredp more than one type of mental disorder, we more challenging to check the them. more important, we assure the treatment to they also more challenging," said woman doctor who also sciencetist in San Fransisco. In its research, Seal entangle 103.788 Iraq and Afghanistan war veteran as the responder.

Press secretary the Veterans of Foreign Wars Joe Davis said, pchycosocial deviation that suffered by all war veteran represent the impact of war which is old estimated. According to she, burden which is the responsibility of all soldier in battlefield are very heavy. " Fight to alter everybody. Nowadays everybody should be able to face that fact by themself ways," said Davis.