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Princess Michiko Sickness Because of Stress

Become the family member of Japan empire is not easy duty. Not merely putri Masako, wife of Prince Naruhito, natural it.

Princess Michiko, wife of Emperor Akihito, is also informed pain because do not hold up with all pressure and workdload which must be experienced.

Last week, press secretary of Japan empire said, Michiko which nowadays have 72 years age have to cancel all its agenda because pain. Mother of three child, namely Naruhito, Akishino, and Sayako experience of the nosebleed, intestine haemorrahage, and sprue. Its condition is non-stoped downhill since she is incured by flu last month.

" Likely she had experience of the psychological pressure symptom," say the Kanazawa, staff of empire doctor.

Some people assure that Michiko depressed by an effect of foreign news media that telling the condition of family of Japan empire. One of the book is writed by Ben Hills from Australian, entitling " Princess Masako : Prisoner Of the Chrysanthemum Throne". Japan Empire mention that book have affronted to them and they also prohibit the publisher translate that book to Japan languange.

The Book narrate the Japan empire is force the Masako to adapt to the palace life which is the full of order. Even, woman that grad of that Harvard and Oxford is prohibited to travel out country till she can bear a son . Japan Empire as that defensive eldest empire till modern life is true embrace the patriarchal system . Its meaning, only man is rightful claimant continue the empire crown.

Even Japan empire mention the article of Hills manipulated the fact, the public of Japan know that four years ago, Masako, former diplomat with the very bright career, have to withdraw from public fore part because experiencing of mental stress. Even, its husband, Naruhito, saying that Masako do not hold up tightly the protocol which she must experience as member of Japan empire.

Pressure progressively increase because Masako still not give the son for its husband family. Since marriage which is passed off by year 1993, them only bestowed by a daugther, Aiko, that born at 5 December 2001. Latter, stress in palace decreace because princess Kiko, wife of prince Akishino, bearing son called Hisahito at 6 September 2006.

Pain that befalling Michiko cause effect of pressure from outside is not the first time. In the Early 90', woman who's coming from ordinary people before marrying Akihito have also to withdraw from public fore part. The cause, a Japan magazine say that Michiko is a fussy person and rough on housemaid. But, along with the gossip alleviating , condition Michiko gradually get better.