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Mineral Water from Armenia banned in Hongkong

HongKong – The Ban on the sale of the Jermuk bottle drink in the United States by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), blew to Hong Kong.

Yesterday, the government of HongKong published the similar ban to all shop that became the distributor of this product.
Because, the arsenic content in the drink which come from Armenia was high enough.
The USA Health Department said, the poisonous metalloid content in the Jermuk bottle drink was very high.
“Arsenic that was found in the drink bottle 60 fold times exceeded that international standart permitted,” said one of the officials of the USA Health Department. Remembered the number of Jermuk products that circulated in his country, the HongKong government then banned the sale of the mineral water and the carbonated drink with that lable.
The scientists FDA reported, in every 500 ml of the Jermuk mineral water, was found around 250ml-300ml microgram arsenic.
“In our standard, the maximal number of arsenic that was permitted in every litre mineral water it’s only 10 microgram,” said one of the scientists who was involved in this research.