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Judd Campaign stop AIDS in India

Mumbai - Campaign AIDS non-stoped to be emboldened. This time, Hollywood artist Ashley Judd also join the campaign in India.

Judd seen to motivated when have interaction with all of prostitute women in Kamathipura, India, in Saturday local time. The Beautiful actress is soverigned to become global ambassador for youth AIDS representing one part of from a nonprofit institute, Population Services International ( PSI).

Before campaigning, Judd invaded by a fans to come near her. As a result, such as those which told by a the organizational press secretary, K.Balaji, some event must be delayed for several hours. Security staff of Judd assist her to go out from large crowd and usher it to car.Then, she come again and come in contact with all prostitute women.

Judd will experience played in documenter film with the former miss Universe of India origin which now become the Bollywood actress, Sushimita Sen. Its Plan, the documenter film will displayed in National Geographic channel at 1 December according with the Day of world AIDS.