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Want to Pregnant? Avoid Snack

Woman usually cannot miss from snack. In movie time, fiddle faddle or other activity, snack is most devoted friend. But something must consider from snack. You are difficult to be pregnant ? Maybe snack is the cause.

Dr.Jorge E. Chavarro therewith its student from Harvard School of Public Health in Boston find that snack food have the close relation with the fertility. Woman which hobbies to eat snack usually is not fertile because in snack there is contained by fat acid that surely influencing fertility.

The fat acid is come from snack, light cake and other meals. Besides make woman unfertile, fat acid also can improve the risk of heart sickness and diabetes.

"Although not everybody immediately want to be pregnan, it's good idea to avoid snack," said Jorge (reuters, Monday 19/2/2007).

The Fat acid can bother the activity of receiver cell in concerned in inflammantation, metabolism of glucose and insulin sensitivity. To check more detail about this problem, all expert analyse the data from 18.555 woman which thirst for the pregnancy.

To every 2% increase of calorie from fat acid , include of carbohydrate, have a risk to bother the fertility till 73%. And this number will be collapsible duplicate when in the food founded other substance of fat.

"It is easy to get 4 gram of fat acid every day. This is a few amount of fat acid but from the research we can say that the fat acid have the significant effect in unfertility," said Jorge.

So, seemingly just a few fat acid can cause bad for your health especially pursue you to immediately have the baby. Better, from now pay attention to snack which you like. Much better, just avoid snack.