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Warm Water Can Damage the Sperm

Tired Free by warm water bathing surely very pleasant. But who knows that the trivial activity would making trouble to sex life. Man which often bathe in warm water, proven to have the low quality sperma.

This matter is proved with a study. Five from eleven man have been checked and its result is very surprising. They experience the fertility degradation after often bathe in warm water.

All responder test by warm water bathing in jacuzzi and bath tub with the water temperature above its own body temperature during 30 minute or deeper one week. After about 3 month, degradation of sperm quality will start felt decline.

After 3 till 6 month desist to bathe with the warm water, mean of sperm activity even also mount drasticly. Just imagine, that improvement note the number till 491% from usually.
With the remarkable growth, believed 34% from that sperm able to live longger.

"Have been believed during the decade that warm temperature of water proven bad for the fertility. But unhappily the myth do not have time to be documented. Now we have the strong evidence that this activity have a big risk possibility for the fertility of man," say the study chief, Dr Paul Turek from University of California [n San Francisco (News Sky, Tuesday,6/3/2007)

The Sperm will be more effectively expand when encircled by chill temperature. That explain why testicle reside in the exterior of human being body and equipedly by scrotum. Although this research only entangle by little people, Paul assure that bathing with the warm water it is true have a big effect to the sperm quality.