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Zodiac Related to Disease

Ontario. Newest Research find the surprise fact. People with Taurus zodiac mostly risk by broken neck, while Virgo women is the most queasy when pregnan. Other Zodiac?

This Finding is reported by famous statistical expert in Canada, Peter Austin . In ABC, Friday ( 23/2/2007) Peter release the statement from check result of 10 million hospital patient in Ontario, Canada.

Peter analyse the patient data which only contain the date of birth and incoming hospital cause. From 10 million data, Peter divide it become two group. Its result, some zodiac have tendency in certain disease.

Its result, Libra zodiac have risk experience of broken pelvis, Scorpio zodiac frequent suffer the Leukemia, and Taurus more risk to have broken neck bone. Others, also found by frequent that Pisces is often heart attack experience , Virgo often vomit when pregnancy and Gemini tend to alcohol addict experience.

But don't worry be happy, when first group data compared to second group, its result do not similar. From the 12 zodiac, its just only two of its data that still equal. Two zodiac which its conclusion still equal is Leo which tend to experience of intestine bleeding and Sagitarius are have big risk of broken arm.

After return to learning finding, Peter not sure to conclude the existence of relation between disease and zodiac. According to him, than making to worry, this research better shall not to be continued it.