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Sport Reduce Cancer Risk

CHICAGO - Sport with the high movement intensity like swimming, aerobik, and run in the reality can reduce the risk of woman breast cancer. Even not sure how often or heavy sport must be done, study of health body growth conducted to a number of participle prove that heavy motion activity can degrade that risk.

Team from University of Southern California in Los Angeles say, practice or sport possible lessen the cancer risk through change in metabolism and system of antibody by reduce body fat increase.

The study contained in Archives of Internal Medicine entangle 110.599 woman as participle in California which its health history is traced since 1995.

Woman which join in heavy motion activity during more than five our in one week experience 20% risk reduce for the patient of invasive breast cancer and 31% at first level breast cancer, compared to a woman which only do less than 30 minute in one week
Until 2002, there are 2.649 woman diagnosed by invasive breast cancer, and 593 woman with first level breast cancer.

The study is conducted especially to see the cumulative influence from heavy sport or practice compare to risk incured by a breast cancer. Before diagnosed by a breast cancer, the girls who become participle in this study only do a little practice or sport.

"Result of the study accompanied by evidence addition that supporting prevention through heavy physical activity, but fun on a long term, to invasive cancer risk and also first level breast cancer. Influence profit from standart activity still unclear," conclude that research.