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Keep Main Cell for the Future

Bangkok - The parent in Thailand have new way to mark they baby birth, they keep the main cell which is taken from newborn placenta. The the main cell can be use for all kinds of disease medication .

But the facility its only useful for a rich parent. Because the cost reach THB 130.000 (about $4000). While for the stock holding cost, every year the baby parent have to pay for THB 30.000 ($500- $900).

According to Kostas Papadopoulus, head operational of Thai Stem Life ( TSL), medical bank that referred as biggest main cell bank in South-East Asia own by Thailand & Malaysia merger company, keep the main cell is equal with invesment of future health. " If the child suffer by leukemia or cancer, the parent unnecessary to wait for main cell donor . Enough to use themselves main cell. with that way, there will be no deduction risk from body," he said.

Latter, the scientist find that main cell could developed to change the part body damage . Research of main cell often trigger the controversy of because the main cell is taken from embryo (foetus). But, the main cell also can be obtained from baby placenta. Its condition, placenta have to be processed as tardy as five minute after exit from mother womb.

To get the mains cell, doctor use the special needle to take the blood from placenta. Afterwards, the blood processed and taken from the mains cell, then freezed and kept in liquid nitrogen tube.

TSL founded di 2005 by about 30 doctor in several Bangkok hospital. They adopt the similar system which applied by Malaysia since five year ago. Up to now there is 12 thousand family are keep the main cell in the bank. One-Third are the family of Europe or America which live in Thailand.