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Depression Mostly in Woman

Depression represent the psychological trouble influencing the feeling, mind, physical, and also behavior. Recognizing the symptom in early time and give the precise treatment can overcome the trouble. What symptom is necessary to recognize ?

Somebody is referred depression if experience at least two type from the main symptom, that is depression feeling like sorrowful and gloomy, loss of enthusiasm or desire, and also feel weak languidly. Beside the main symptom, there is also additional symptom like concentration decrease, abundant feel guilty , eat and sleep pattern trouble , and also feel hopelessly. The condition will happen more than two week.

Is depression influenced by the gender? Although diagnostic criterion is equal for all gender, woman in the reality more easy experience by depression. Woman more risk to experience by depression caused by hormonal change and also characteristic difference among woman and man.

Subhash C Bhatia MD, psychiatrist from the University of Nebraska College of Medicine explain, depression criteria is equal for all gender. But ,women more easier to feel guilty feeling, worry, improvement or even degradation of eat desire, sleep trouble , and also eat trouble.

When somebody experience depression, total of chemical liquid in brain is decrease. Its possible to cause the brain cell work slower. Neurotransmitter liquid is called serotonin. If occur imbalance, will cause the depression. Besides serotonin, there is another dissimilar nerve conductor liquid is sharing the cause of depression, like norepineprin, dopamine, histamine, and estrogen.

Estrogen is the woman hormone that responsible as the cause of depression. When total of estrogen is decrease it will cause the symptoms of depression. Despitefully, estrogen also will give the direct influence the incidence of depression itself.

Subhash explain, in woman body there are exist two hormone, there is called estrogen and progesterone. Both work in rotation, for example in a menstruate condition, total of estrogen is decrease while progesterone increase. At menstruate time or pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), in this condition, woman easier to be sorrowful, sensitive, angry, and also easy to weep.