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Cannabis Still Prohibited for Medical Purpose

California - Angel Raich who suffering various disease complication, seems, have to be patient. The struggle to get the cannabis use legalization for her disease medication spragged by 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Thereby, Angel Raich threatened to be under arrest when use the cannabis.

According to doctor, Raich suffer assorted of disease, like scoliosis (a kind backbone trouble), brain tumor, and other complication. The doctor even cannot handle it. The only way which can be done to lessen the pain feel is by asking her to consume the cannabis. Whether by eating it directly or smoke it like cigarette.

Because the condition is too bad, woman which live in the Oakland, part of California State, US, have to consume the cannabis every two our. Because wishing to avoid the arrest, Raich raise the cannabis rights legalization to use as drug. , unhappily its step always fail. In 2005, Court of Appeals refuse its request. Raich also appellate and the justice court return to refuse it.

Three judge who lead the justice court have time to different opinion. But, they decide to hold on to the 1970 Federal Regulation which prohibit the cannabis use for the medication. Federal government of US give the statement, cannabis no advantage for the medical purpose. In consequence, those who use or supply the Cannabis have to be punished. But, in 11 US state , include California, deciding that cannabis may be use for the medical purpose with doctor observation.

Because its legal effort have failed, the only one Raich expectation is to lobbying the parliamentarian to alter the 1970 Federal Regulation.