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Doctor use Ipod to Recognize Heart Problem

IPod not only good as entertainment media to play high quality digital music. All doctor nowadays also can use it to train its ability recognize patient heart problem. Its way by listening the record of heart beat sound in the peripheral by repeatedly.

Research which have been done previously show the mean mount accuracy of a doctor to recognize the heart beat that showing problem in heart only about 40 gratuity. But, the ability proven to twofold mount after exercising with iPod. In that research, 149 internist doctor listening five variation of heart beat during 400 times in 90 minute.

" Efficiency of using the stethoscope and ability to recognize abnormal heart beat are the important skill to identify heart disease and minimize the depending of costly equipments," said the chief research Dr. Michael Barrett, doctor and cardiology professor from Temple Doctor and Hospital University . Detection appliance like echocardiogram, he said, unnecessary often weared and use only at attack moment of acute condition.

Barrett so sure by the way to improving the ability is true depended by exercising continuously. Not from the study in class or demonstration in laboratory. With other digital music player, besides iPod, this ability perhaps also can decrease even not yet been proved.

Two last year, radiologist from California University Los Angeles Dr. Osman Ratib and Dr. Antoine Rosset also use the iPod with big capacity to save the scan result image. By Osirix open source software which been developed by him, all radiologist can share the video and image in iPod which incircuit with the desktop computer base on Mac through the teleconfrent. Nowaday all doctor can so easily share the medical information.