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Milk Fermentation, High Nutrient Value

A small part of story of Kaiun Mishima, Japanese that first time developing the product of milk fermentation commercially in his country. Up to now, beverage of milk fermentation lot consumed by the resident of the Sakura Country.

Supported by good pattern eat, it's not amazed if the mean age of Japanese is high enough, that is 80-85 year. Mishima die at 1974 in 96 year age! But, not meaning by drink milk fermentation somebody can be long lived. Logically, one who has longer live owns the healthy body. To get it, foods have to be digestible better in digestion channel.

With consuming milk fermentation , proven can improve the digest power and absorption of digestion channel so can optimize the growth of body. How it's mechanism? Milk fermentation is a producer factory of nutrient essence with the milk raw material and the main "worker" is bacterium. Differ from most milk which generally sweets, milk fermentation rather sour.

This taste is got naturally and represents intervention result of sour lactate bacterium like Lactobacillus sp, which used in fermentation process. This bacterium said can release the typical aroma that like citrus or orange. Lactate sour representing especial product of lactate sour bacterium fermentation can stimulate the intestine peristaltic movement so can assist the ingestion, absorption, fesses dismissal, and dismissal of pathogen bacterium (disease cause bacterium) from digestion channel.

Generally, milk fermentation also can stimulate the good bacterium growth in intestine, for example bifid bacterium that representing pro biotic bacterium. Supplementation of pro biotic bacterium got from milk fermentation proven give the positive effect to human being and animal by repairing the balance of intestine micro flora. In the beginning, fermentation process intended as one of effort to lengthen keeping time of fresh milk. This beverage represent the food substance which almost perfect nutrient but easy to hackneyed.

Later known, that in fact the job result of lactate sour bacterium in process of fermentation can improve the nutrient value of base substance. Up to now, fermentation process is the only one method of food substance pickling which at one increase the nutrient quality.

The nutrient content in milk fermentation basically is equal to its raw material nutrient content that is milk. The nutrient content is equivalent with milk, but the nutrient value is higher. Because protein at milk before permeated have to be digested first, while at milk fermentation it's just by omit permeated it so the absorbent protein value is higher.