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Firefighter at Risk to Coroner Disease

WASHINGTON - Newly study mention that extinguishing the raging of fire can increase the death risk because heart attack effect. Firefighter represents the most endangering heart health profession.

Study of The Harvard School of Public Health lay open, beside common assumption like full of condensed smoke and burned, other root cause of Firefighter death in United States is heart coroner disease.

As a whole in last one decade, 45% of Firefighter death relate to the cardiovascular problem. This number is much higher compared to a same case percentage in police (22%), medical worker (11%), and other profession (15%).

Study that publicized in The New England Journal of Medicine analysis all data of Firefighter whose death in duty during 1994 till 2004. Outside hundreds of Firefighter whose death at attack of The World Trade Center New York in September 11/2001.

"We find the conclusive evidence that the death risk because of heart coroner disease is very high in burned fire condition, response the warning, and during experiencing physical activity training," said the Chief of Stefanos Kales Study Writer Team.

From 1.144 Firefighter whose passing away in duty during that period, as much 39% happened because Heart Coroner Disease. Even the Firefighter in fact only spend 1-5% of their time to extinguish the fire, according to record, as much 32% of death on duty happened because coroner problem.

Writer hypothesis mention, factor which partake to the increase of death value , for example effect of conscription of energy and emotion in fire extinguishing activity triggering appearance of heart coroner disease.