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Tea Contribution to Health

Tea has become main beverage in various countries in the world. Besides delicious, result of research also shows approximately there are 450 organ compounds consists in tea. Counted 30-40% is polyphenols, which is active compound containing a matter so-called catechin.

From various types that are usually consumed, tea is differentiated to three types, namely black tea, green tea, and olong tea. The difference is based on the tea raw material and production process. Black tea processed with fermentation, than occur incisive catechin degradation. Green tea far more usefully because doesn't pass fermentation process.

Green tea contains catechin more times compared to black tea. Inside of green tea, the catechin content can be reach till 42%, 10% higher than black tea.

A number of researches show that tea has a number of positive benefits for health. Not just green tea, black tea also gives positive contribution to healthy life style.

"Fruit, vegetable, and all tea types contains important antioxidant. Research indicates that phytonutrient give substantial contribution health and prevents from chronics disease," said Head of Antioxidant Research Laboratory in Tufts University, Jeffrey Blumberg PhD FACN, like published by

Tea has many benefits from the catechin content for body. Catechin tightly related with body immune system, red blood cell will become more effective.

Then, has ability to block bacterium and consists with cell wall and reacts with poison yielded by bacterium and catches the toxin or poison. Catch’s weight metals, mercury, chrome, and other.

"Prevention potency to fight against cancer is contribution from flavonoids active compound so-called catechin," said Ray Sahelian MD.

Catechin also repairs the condition of bacterium in intestine. Lessens ugly bacterium and increases good bacterium. Not strange, people formerly if get diarrhea is ordered to drinks tea because it’s having function catching the ugly bacterium.

But besides the positive benefit, for some people tea exactly is avoided. Afraid of tea negative effect of course is reasonable. Tea contains tannin that banding a number of minerals, especially ferrum which is benefit for body.

If just because the content of tannin and caffeine, not necessarily to avoid tea. Though, not all people is lacking of mineral susceptible. Only some of groups, like child and pregnancy mother is lacking of mineral, because requires high nutrition. Even, for both the groups also not forbidden to drinks tea, but the intensity only lessened in order not to bother required nutrition absorption.


Pizza Can Become Health food

It is many ways to be healthy. One of them is by eating junk food. That is like been told by number of food chemists which coming from University of Maryland.

They find way to make healthy of junk food by increase antioxidant capacity in the food content. First food being tested is Pizza. The reason, Pizza is very popular. Not just in US, but also in the whole world.

Antioxidant value at all pizza wheat dough is boosted up by grilling the Pizza longer in high air temperature so that can give dough time to swell to and boosts up the antioxidant rate. Antioxidant is an essence that giving cell the protection from various damages. Especially caused by unstable molecule, that named free radical. Some experts believe that antioxidant can reduce cancer risk, heart attack and gives protection from a number of not serious diseases.

In a slice of Pizza which spicing with assorted of fatty topping, like extra chess, pepperoni, sauce, and grind flesh, of course gives weight risk. Nonchalant how high the antioxidant capacity contents found on pizza. "If you add essences with negative potency to health, of course you give negative value to your health," said Moore. So, besides high antioxidant rate, of course healthy content also required in the slice of pizza so the food becomes healthy.

To create appropriate cooked, required hotter oven. Therefore, antioxidant level increase to 60 % by the way grilling it is longer than ordinary, and will go up again until 82 % with higher bake out air temperature. Grills this pizza dough also must be in carefully. Grills pizza in longer time with high air temperature concurrently has risk to cause scorched.

The experts use oven with about 204-287 degree (Celsius) air temperature. They grill the dough during 7-14 minutes. Then, they do fermentation during full two-day. The result, high antioxidant level successfully reached. The experts also believe, if fermentation is done in longer time the antioxidant content in pizza also increased. It happened because yeast in dough had more time to discharge antioxidant component.

"Generally the fermentation is required about 18 hours," said Moore. All people can self practice. Healthy life also becomes easier. “You neither are unnecessary to spend extra money, and you nor need to do addition effort," said Dr Liangli Lucy Yu, other researcher from University of Maryland.


Asia's Cancer Rise Spectacularly by 2020

SINGAPORE - The number of cancer cases in Asia is set to increase spectacularly by 2020 due largely to longer life lengths and changing daily life’s, threatening a health crisis as poorer countries in the region fight to afford care.

A fast-growing populace coupled with public living longer and undergoing extreme transforms to diet and lifestyle will place a main burden on developing countries that cannot afford screening, vaccines and expensive treatment, experts said at the start of a two-day conference in Singapore.

"Many believe that cancer is somehow only a problem of affluent and aging societies. That's not true, of course," said Richard Horton editor and publisher of The Lancet medical journal, which is supporting the conference.

Others believe "cancer is somehow inevitable, that one is predisposed to it genetically. Again, that's not true. Forty percent of cancers can be stopped by simple changes in lifestyle."

Cancer of the lungs, stomach and liver are the greatest troubles in Asia followed by breast and colon cancers. The total number of new cancer cases in the area is projected to balloon from 4.5 million in 2002 to 7.1 million in 2020 if nothing changes.

Worldwide, there are 11 million new cancer cases accounted annually and 7 million citizens die from the disease every year, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer.


Mad Cow in Netherlands

THE HAGUE - The Dutch ministry of Agriculture publicized on Friday that it has revealed mad cow disease in a seven-year-old cow.

It is the 83rd case of mad cow disease, or Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) in the Netherlands since 1997 but the first since March 2006.

Netherlands authorities do schedule checks on all slaughtered bovines for BSE.

One cow from the same farm and another six from other farms assumed to be at risk for mad cow disease, because they get the same feed or were offspring’s of the sick cow, were also selected.

The Netherlands has so far traced two cases of the human form of the disease, variant Creutzfeldt - Jakob disease, since it first appeared in 1996.


“Mermaid Baby” is Walking and Happy

LIMA, Peru - Peru's "mermaid baby" walked around her nursery school yard Friday, ducking in and out of a plastic playhouse seven months after undergoing an operation to fully divide her merged legs.

Milagros Cerron, whose first name connotes "miracles" in Spanish, was born with a rare congenital defect recognized as sirenomelia, or "mermaid syndrome," which left her legs linked from her heels to her groin.

Dr. Luis Rubio, head of the medical team that divided Milagros' legs, called reporters to see her steps forward on Friday. He said doctors have successfully reconstructed the child's hips, knees and ankles and that she is "doing well physically."

But Rubio said Milagros — who is called "the little mermaid" by Peruvians — will need an extra operation in about two years to restructure and fix her urinary and sexual organs.

"We've gotten past the first phase, but it's not the end," Rubio said. "There's a long way to go."

Milagros, who turns 3 years old next week, at this time takes ballet classes and runs around the playground with her classmates.

In June 2005 doctors successfully executed risky surgery to separate her legs to above her knees. The operation seven months ago was to separate the remaining four inches of fused tissue just underneath the groin.