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Pizza Can Become Health food

It is many ways to be healthy. One of them is by eating junk food. That is like been told by number of food chemists which coming from University of Maryland.

They find way to make healthy of junk food by increase antioxidant capacity in the food content. First food being tested is Pizza. The reason, Pizza is very popular. Not just in US, but also in the whole world.

Antioxidant value at all pizza wheat dough is boosted up by grilling the Pizza longer in high air temperature so that can give dough time to swell to and boosts up the antioxidant rate. Antioxidant is an essence that giving cell the protection from various damages. Especially caused by unstable molecule, that named free radical. Some experts believe that antioxidant can reduce cancer risk, heart attack and gives protection from a number of not serious diseases.

In a slice of Pizza which spicing with assorted of fatty topping, like extra chess, pepperoni, sauce, and grind flesh, of course gives weight risk. Nonchalant how high the antioxidant capacity contents found on pizza. "If you add essences with negative potency to health, of course you give negative value to your health," said Moore. So, besides high antioxidant rate, of course healthy content also required in the slice of pizza so the food becomes healthy.

To create appropriate cooked, required hotter oven. Therefore, antioxidant level increase to 60 % by the way grilling it is longer than ordinary, and will go up again until 82 % with higher bake out air temperature. Grills this pizza dough also must be in carefully. Grills pizza in longer time with high air temperature concurrently has risk to cause scorched.

The experts use oven with about 204-287 degree (Celsius) air temperature. They grill the dough during 7-14 minutes. Then, they do fermentation during full two-day. The result, high antioxidant level successfully reached. The experts also believe, if fermentation is done in longer time the antioxidant content in pizza also increased. It happened because yeast in dough had more time to discharge antioxidant component.

"Generally the fermentation is required about 18 hours," said Moore. All people can self practice. Healthy life also becomes easier. “You neither are unnecessary to spend extra money, and you nor need to do addition effort," said Dr Liangli Lucy Yu, other researcher from University of Maryland.