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Asia's Cancer Rise Spectacularly by 2020

SINGAPORE - The number of cancer cases in Asia is set to increase spectacularly by 2020 due largely to longer life lengths and changing daily life’s, threatening a health crisis as poorer countries in the region fight to afford care.

A fast-growing populace coupled with public living longer and undergoing extreme transforms to diet and lifestyle will place a main burden on developing countries that cannot afford screening, vaccines and expensive treatment, experts said at the start of a two-day conference in Singapore.

"Many believe that cancer is somehow only a problem of affluent and aging societies. That's not true, of course," said Richard Horton editor and publisher of The Lancet medical journal, which is supporting the conference.

Others believe "cancer is somehow inevitable, that one is predisposed to it genetically. Again, that's not true. Forty percent of cancers can be stopped by simple changes in lifestyle."

Cancer of the lungs, stomach and liver are the greatest troubles in Asia followed by breast and colon cancers. The total number of new cancer cases in the area is projected to balloon from 4.5 million in 2002 to 7.1 million in 2020 if nothing changes.

Worldwide, there are 11 million new cancer cases accounted annually and 7 million citizens die from the disease every year, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer.


Mad Cow in Netherlands

THE HAGUE - The Dutch ministry of Agriculture publicized on Friday that it has revealed mad cow disease in a seven-year-old cow.

It is the 83rd case of mad cow disease, or Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) in the Netherlands since 1997 but the first since March 2006.

Netherlands authorities do schedule checks on all slaughtered bovines for BSE.

One cow from the same farm and another six from other farms assumed to be at risk for mad cow disease, because they get the same feed or were offspring’s of the sick cow, were also selected.

The Netherlands has so far traced two cases of the human form of the disease, variant Creutzfeldt - Jakob disease, since it first appeared in 1996.


“Mermaid Baby” is Walking and Happy

LIMA, Peru - Peru's "mermaid baby" walked around her nursery school yard Friday, ducking in and out of a plastic playhouse seven months after undergoing an operation to fully divide her merged legs.

Milagros Cerron, whose first name connotes "miracles" in Spanish, was born with a rare congenital defect recognized as sirenomelia, or "mermaid syndrome," which left her legs linked from her heels to her groin.

Dr. Luis Rubio, head of the medical team that divided Milagros' legs, called reporters to see her steps forward on Friday. He said doctors have successfully reconstructed the child's hips, knees and ankles and that she is "doing well physically."

But Rubio said Milagros — who is called "the little mermaid" by Peruvians — will need an extra operation in about two years to restructure and fix her urinary and sexual organs.

"We've gotten past the first phase, but it's not the end," Rubio said. "There's a long way to go."

Milagros, who turns 3 years old next week, at this time takes ballet classes and runs around the playground with her classmates.

In June 2005 doctors successfully executed risky surgery to separate her legs to above her knees. The operation seven months ago was to separate the remaining four inches of fused tissue just underneath the groin.


Bill Gates to Apply Vietnam Immunization Program

HANOI - Microsoft chairman Bill Gates hopes techniques from Vietnam's childhood immunization program can assist fight killer illness in Africa, state media reported Tuesday.

Bill Gates and his wife Melinda came to hospitals, spoke with health care representatives and held a personal meeting with Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung during a three-day stay to the communist country ending Tuesday.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, with a war chest that contain almost 30 billion dollars contributed by the high-tech tycoon, funds HIV/ AIDS study and vaccinations against malaria, tuberculosis and other diseases.

Bill and Melinda said they was amaze with Vietnam's immunization record and promised more support in stopping childhood diseases and handle HIV/AIDS, said the state-run Vietnam News Agency.

The World Health Organization says Vietnam has one of the highest rates of immunized children in the planet, with more than 90 percent of under-ones vaccinated against foremost diseases.

In June previous year the non-profit health group PATH proclaimed a five-year study, funded with a 27.8 million dollar donation from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, on cervical cancer vaccinations.

Seattle-based PATH said it would perform pilot studies in India, Vietnam, Uganda and Peru with the aim of introducing vaccines in opposition to the illness that kills more than 270,000 women worldwide every year.


Milk Fermentation, High Nutrient Value

A small part of story of Kaiun Mishima, Japanese that first time developing the product of milk fermentation commercially in his country. Up to now, beverage of milk fermentation lot consumed by the resident of the Sakura Country.

Supported by good pattern eat, it's not amazed if the mean age of Japanese is high enough, that is 80-85 year. Mishima die at 1974 in 96 year age! But, not meaning by drink milk fermentation somebody can be long lived. Logically, one who has longer live owns the healthy body. To get it, foods have to be digestible better in digestion channel.

With consuming milk fermentation , proven can improve the digest power and absorption of digestion channel so can optimize the growth of body. How it's mechanism? Milk fermentation is a producer factory of nutrient essence with the milk raw material and the main "worker" is bacterium. Differ from most milk which generally sweets, milk fermentation rather sour.

This taste is got naturally and represents intervention result of sour lactate bacterium like Lactobacillus sp, which used in fermentation process. This bacterium said can release the typical aroma that like citrus or orange. Lactate sour representing especial product of lactate sour bacterium fermentation can stimulate the intestine peristaltic movement so can assist the ingestion, absorption, fesses dismissal, and dismissal of pathogen bacterium (disease cause bacterium) from digestion channel.

Generally, milk fermentation also can stimulate the good bacterium growth in intestine, for example bifid bacterium that representing pro biotic bacterium. Supplementation of pro biotic bacterium got from milk fermentation proven give the positive effect to human being and animal by repairing the balance of intestine micro flora. In the beginning, fermentation process intended as one of effort to lengthen keeping time of fresh milk. This beverage represent the food substance which almost perfect nutrient but easy to hackneyed.

Later known, that in fact the job result of lactate sour bacterium in process of fermentation can improve the nutrient value of base substance. Up to now, fermentation process is the only one method of food substance pickling which at one increase the nutrient quality.

The nutrient content in milk fermentation basically is equal to its raw material nutrient content that is milk. The nutrient content is equivalent with milk, but the nutrient value is higher. Because protein at milk before permeated have to be digested first, while at milk fermentation it's just by omit permeated it so the absorbent protein value is higher.


Firefighter at Risk to Coroner Disease

WASHINGTON - Newly study mention that extinguishing the raging of fire can increase the death risk because heart attack effect. Firefighter represents the most endangering heart health profession.

Study of The Harvard School of Public Health lay open, beside common assumption like full of condensed smoke and burned, other root cause of Firefighter death in United States is heart coroner disease.

As a whole in last one decade, 45% of Firefighter death relate to the cardiovascular problem. This number is much higher compared to a same case percentage in police (22%), medical worker (11%), and other profession (15%).

Study that publicized in The New England Journal of Medicine analysis all data of Firefighter whose death in duty during 1994 till 2004. Outside hundreds of Firefighter whose death at attack of The World Trade Center New York in September 11/2001.

"We find the conclusive evidence that the death risk because of heart coroner disease is very high in burned fire condition, response the warning, and during experiencing physical activity training," said the Chief of Stefanos Kales Study Writer Team.

From 1.144 Firefighter whose passing away in duty during that period, as much 39% happened because Heart Coroner Disease. Even the Firefighter in fact only spend 1-5% of their time to extinguish the fire, according to record, as much 32% of death on duty happened because coroner problem.

Writer hypothesis mention, factor which partake to the increase of death value , for example effect of conscription of energy and emotion in fire extinguishing activity triggering appearance of heart coroner disease.


Smoke Influence to Skin

CHICAGO - Smoking not only cause wrinkled of face till change into yellow, it's also changing to the entire body. Research publicized in the Archives of Dermatology show that smoking will influence to the entire body skin although it's protected against from the sunshine.

"We check the skin and find the relation between smokings with the skin damage. Subject of the Research start checked from the cigarette amount per day and also smoking duration," said researcher chief from the University of Michigan, Dr Yolanda Helfrich, like reported on Reuters.

More explain from her, all participles have age more than 65 years old. The result, smoker having more wrinkle amount compared to a nonsmoker. Same result by using participle which have age 45 until 65 years old.

Researcher test 82 people, smoker and nonsmoker taken its picture at inside of right arm. The research object age is between 22 until 99, some of them is smoker.

Some previously research find that smoke of cigarette can cause early aging as the indication of wrinkle. But the researches do not control the sunshine amount that hitting the skin.

This research do not discuss the mechanism that happened. It is the previously research that finding that cigarette and also cigarette smoke can cause the blood line under skin is wrinkle, lessening blood supply for the skin. Cigarette also can cause the damage of skin network and also part of inner body.


Want to Pregnant, Kate Moss do Diet

London - Kate Moss wish to have baby again. This time she is settled to step its relationship with Pete Doherty more seriously by having a baby. He even also had tight diet to realize it.

Not just Kate, Pete also doing the same thing. To take care fertility, both doing vitamin diet to maximize their possibility get the baby.

“Kate have been informed that if she wish pregnant quickly, he need food which lot of vitamin D," like reported by Lse, Tuesday (3/4/2007).

Since now Kate have been prepare herself to immediately have the child again while the wedding with the Babyshambles personel will take place in next summer. Whilst there is no schedule for the show, Kate consumes more food than usually.

As a supermodel it’s natural, the moment before the show Kate can't eat promiscuously. Kate nowadays had a 4 years old daughter called Lila Grace from the relationship with publisher, Jefferson Hack.

Pete is also had a son from the relationship with the singer, Lisa Moorish, which previously have affinity by Liam Gallagher, Oasis vocalist.